Welcome to the StarfleetComms science fiction podcast. A UK based show we cover the sci-fi genre from books to films, to tv and games on a (sort of) monthly basis.

Our sci-fi podcast is not just the audio version, its a video podcast too available on YouTube. Details on where to find it are all over the site but here’s a handy link that tells you how to subscribe to the StarfleetComms Podcast and what versions are where.

We have a general call out to interview anyone who is making a real difference in the many and varied worlds of science fiction. Whether they’re a writer, actor or film maker, from indie to professional to blockbuster, we try to get people to explain their challenges and how they overcame them. Of special but not exclusive interest are the challenges all sorts of minorities face in the creative industries and we do this with the aim of inspiring people to overcome these obstacles and create something they can be proud of.

Lastly, we’re looking for team members. So if you would like to be a co-host on our science fiction creative podcast then check out this page and get in touch.

Comms from the blog

The Expanse saved by Amazon!

In a crazy, and surreal week (and as reported by Dan Casey senior editor for The Nerdist) while at the International Space Development Conference, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos made the announcement that Season 4 of The Expanse…

Sci-fi creators wanted for our podcast

Whatever you create, if it’s science fiction we’d love to hear from you. We’re setting up a schedule of VIDEO interviews to be included in our podcast alongside our science fiction discussion content. This is your…

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