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StarfleetComms Podcast: S4E02 Star Trek: New Horizons

Review and overview of the Star Trek: New Horizons mod for Stellaris. Taking more risks, the intrepid CMDR Max Torps broadcasts another forbidden review to the sheeplike populace of the 33rd century. Inviting them to... Read More
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StarfleetComms Podcast: S4E01 These Final Hours

We review These Final Hours. In season four of the podcast, we get right down to the nitty gritty. With no time to spare and on the run from the authorities, it’s our mission to... Read More

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Starship Build: Nearly complete

Is the spaceship bridge finished? The simple answer is yes. However as any sim pit or build aficionado will attest, nothing is ever truly complete. As far as the construction and electronics, basic functionality is…

Starship Build: The Helm and Weapons area

The Helm and Weapons stations With the armoured power cable and twin gigabit cables routed, the bridge seems to have all the utilities needed so far. Construction continues on the interior. What I’m trying to…

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