Podcast co-hosts wanted

March 18, 2017

Become the sci-fi podcast team and hone your skills!

I host the Science Fiction podcast StarfleetComms usually along with some co-hosts in previous seasons. The show’s basic premise is that we all bring a sci-fi related subject to the table – this can be an interview, a review or an article on a subject. We then discuss our own findings with the team and due to the makeup of the team, we generate lively, entertaining discussion. People move on though and I’m left here all alone. Boohoo.

A new perspective on this is a fresh theme I’m bringing to the show. It involves time travel and an actual set to film episodes on. This means that there will be an opportunity to actually be physically present on set as well as online via video link. (Skype/Hangouts/Discord – whatever works!)

What about money?

First, I need to be upfront. The podcast doesn’t make any money. It’s a freely available podcast with website hosting fees, episode hosting fees and social media advertising fees to pay. It’s a hobbyist podcast. It’s a big ask to get people to work for free so I need to make sure you know what you are getting into and that you feel comfortable committing to it. HOWEVER…as funding could eventually be available via Patreon once we figure out what to actually put on Patreon, I intend a fair proportion of that to be shared between co-hosts on a per episode basis. Clearly, there is always the option of no revenue being generated with no Patreon signups so the rest of this post stands. 

What do I get out of it?silhouette-978956_1920

Experience and hopefully, some fun. I always aim to make the recording process as comfortable and as fun as possible for everyone. You might want to branch off and do your own show once you’ve gained experience on this show or you may want to do something else.

The value you get is practice at being on a podcast, not having to pay for a website or any hosting fees, having a ready-made audience of thousands and the opportunity to get your name out there. It costs you nothing in terms of consumable materials other than a few hours of your time. I gain some interesting and varied content (in addition to my own efforts) and the audience gets to listen to all of it.

In other words, it’s exposure. This is something I’d normally rail against but the benefits are as listed above. If you want to later strike out on your own I have no objections at all. If you are reading this and want to strike out yourself anyway, I wish you the absolute best of luck and will even retweet you if you let me know that this post inspired you to get started.

What do I need to do?

I need people who are available for about three/four hours a month or more to research their own segment and record with me. Availability is usually governed by UK GMT/BST time zones (weekend or weekday evenings are the usual recording times, arranged well in advance) and wherever you are from in the world you’ll need to be able to work with that. There can be no exception to this as we need everyone to be available at the same time to record episodes. Physical presence on set means you need to be okay with travelling to Derby. Physical presence would be great but is not essential.

What do I need?

MicrophoneYou’ll need a webcam, Skype and some way to access Hangouts or Discord, a trouble-free, good quality internet connection, a good microphone (preferably with a pop filter).

Can you repeat it all, please?

To recap:

  • No monetary reward, this is voluntary
  • You’ll need to volunteer just a few hours per month
  • You’ll need to research your own segment of the show
  • You’ll need to contribute to episode planning discussions
  • You’ll need Skype and some way to access Hangouts or Discord.
  • A good, trouble-free internet connection
  • Good microphone, preferably with a pop filter
  • A webcam – because we do video shows now

So, if you fancy taking part in the podcast, want to hone your skills, have the ability to work on the show for just a few hours a month or more, have the patience of a saint and are truly interested in contributing then please let me know.

Start now by telling me about yourself. You could give an example of what you’d be interested in talking about and even send a recording of your voice. Email [email protected].

Good luck! John.

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