Elite Dangerous and DMX

March 17, 2017

Since writing my wishlist post about extending Elite Dangerous to include DMX capability here, some kind soul going by the name Toumal has only gone and created that very facility!

image of Soyuz capsule

Not really my bridge set.

In his forum post he describes the tiny program and explains that it now means Elite Dangerous will be able to work with any stage or studio effect that is compatible with DMX.

Usage involves editing the included effects.lua file so should be easy enough… on saying that I just took a look at the file and there’s quite a bit in there so I might just take my time with it. One of the downsides is that the application needs to read the Elite Dangerous log files and parse events from those. This means there’s a slight but noticeable lag between an event and the effect taking place. In that case it would be best suited to longer term events such as being at critical levels of damage for a period of time rather than reacting to individual shots as the lag could be too noticeable. I’ll have to test this but also one thing I did consider was using a Solid State Drive (SSD) as access times are much quicker.

The good news being that all of this means that the bridge set that I have under construction will be great not only for Artemis and Starship Horizons but the added awesomeness of Elite Dangerous too.

Check out Toumal’s demo video below.

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