Elite: Dangerous – Lights, smoke, action!

November 30, 2014

Imagine light effects flickering in your cockpit. As weapons splay fire across your shields a multicolour lighting effect flashes around you. As you take more damage the shields fail and each weapon hit dims your lighting as if the power was failing momentarily. More critical damage occurs and a smoke machine fills your room. Additional sirens wail, “EJECT! EJECT!”. All of this can happen if the game utilised a DMX controller.

So how could this happen? Existing game hooks could have additional routines firing off that read a DMX file your customise according to your local DMX set up and output the result to your DMX controller. An opensource DMX controller that is at entry point level and already in use for lots of people who build bridge simulators (yes, starship bridges) is the Enttec Open DMX USB Interface.


It uses the FTDI chip set (that’s for the tech heads out there). So any coding in game would need to utilise that. I would suggest a toggle option in the game settings defaulted to off in case anyone had a device attached and wasn’t using it for Elite: Dangerous specifically, allowing them to toggle on when ready.

The game hooks likely already exist, just the routines to read from a DMX file and output to the device would need programming. What I mean by that is the game already makes announcements when a certain level of damage is obtained, it already knows if you are taking fire and so on… at least at a high level.

Here’s an example in action where we did so badly we utilised most of the effects, not of Elite: Dangerous though. For more details please visit and support the proposal thread on the official Elite: Dangerous forums.

>>>>>>  https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php?t=63050 <<<<<<<<<<

Thank you.

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