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October 26, 2015

No longer offered unless a viable proposition including reasonable expenses and labour is agreed. Sorry.

For sci-fi conventions or other events, why not hire a starship bridge?

Having a starship bridge at conventions is easy to organise, fun for your guests and with all the management run by us you can get on with the other important tasks confident that your guests are having a great time! Included are customised, unique sound effects that truly envelope you, customised lighting effects to excite you and smoke to scare you. Looking for teamwork events? Check here.

Photo of starship bridge scene at a convention

Tense moment on the bridge at Fantasticon 2015, Country Park Inn, Hull

Photo of starship bridge scene at a convention

Docking at a space station – Fantasticon 2015 Country Park Inn, Hull

Photo of starship bridge scene at a convention

One minute all is calm…Kate Russell of BBC Click fame is Captain here!

Photo of starship bridge scene at a convention

…the next it’s emergency lighting and smoke in your face!

What is it?

It is a starship bridge simulator which is a whole lot of fun and completely immersive. If you think of Star Trek and the classic work stations you’ve got the idea. The stations of helm (to steer the ship), weapons (to target and fire weapons), science (to detect the bad guys), communications (to ask for surrender and give friendly ships orders) and engineering (to repair damage and control energy) all have a dedicated PC and screen to help your crew work together. In the middle of all of that is the Captain. The person in the hot seat. The one who has to make all of the decisions relying on the crew and the main view screen to do so.

We include additional fully automated, exciting lighting effects, smoke effects that correspond to the action (where allowed) and additional customised sound effects to make the whole experience as immersive as possible. We enable your guests to get the best out of the simulator and take all the headache of managing sessions away from you. Your guests will feel as if they really are there and frankly, that’s the point.

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Who’s it for?

It’s for anyone really. We’ve had people from 7 to 70 using it and as this is largely a sedentary activity there is a wide range of people who can easily take part. We do recommend though that children under the age of sixteen years of age are accompanied by an adult. People also need to be aware that the simulator does have extremely loud noises, rapidly flashing lights and smoke effects (where allowed).

Conventions – How will it work?

We offer your guests a full package. If your guests want fun it stands to reason they need to be equipped with the knowledge required to have that fun. Fully cognisant of this we offer a training video your guests can view before departure, a custom designed training cruise with full hands on training, and during the main playing session we are on hand to offer support when needed. Your guests get two sessions. A training session to ensure maximum enjoyment and a full play session.

Conventions – How is it organised?

Our equipment is robust and portable making it easy to transport to hotels, business conference rooms and conference centres around the United Kingdom as part of convention, team building or other similar events.

We have found that having the Bridge Simulation in a separate room works better than having it in a convention hall along with other exhibits as people can then hear each other and there are fewer distractions leading to the participants having a much better experience.

If you like, we can manage the registration and booking of people for you so that you can get on with your convention. We allocate time slots and take each set of crew members through their cruises and whether we manage the registration or you do, out pops a happy convention attendee!


We do charge for our bridge simulator service ensuring we continue to offer you the best and most immersive experience available. We do not offer a free service as there are maintenance costs incurred keeping the kit in top-notch condition. On saying that, we recognise that all conventions are different and we are absolutely willing to work with you to ensure you have the best value for money, so please do not hesitate to contact us using the form below.

About fees

We’re in this for the long term and are driven by the desire to provide you with the best service possible. We continually invest in our equipment and ensure all of our equipment is well maintained and of robust quality. As well as that we constantly add to our repertoire and make exciting improvements to our set up allowing us to provide one of the most, if not the most, immersive mobile starship bridge simulation experience in the United Kingdom. In addition, our staff are incredibly motivated to offer your guests the high level of professional service and experience they deserve. Why would you want to settle for anything less?

What do I do now?

Contact us using this form and we’ll give you further details.

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*Available throughout the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

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