Images of Eve: Short Story Writing Competition

March 8, 2018

Way, way back in the dark depths of 2012 we ran a short story competition that resulted in an e-Book being published. The purpose of the competition was to demonstrate the breadth and diversity the Eve Blogosphere offered. Anyway, all of that is a bit academic but if you were curious you can see the Wayback Machine version of the Images of Eve competition here and the CCP post here.

The competition was a lot of fun and we did feature some chat about it in Episode 9 of season 1 of the StarfleetComms podcast when we concentrated purely on Eve Online. Happy days.

The writers were tasked with coming up with a short story based on this image of a Gallente Taranis frigate from Eve Online. Everybody did a fantastic job too. Since then, CCP carried on the competition themselves so I have taken that as a nod to the brilliance of StarfleetComms, lol!

Anyway, the reason for this wander down memory lane is because one of the winners, nay, THE winner, contacted me for a copy of his story as he’s close to becoming a published writer!

So, without further ado, we wish Nick Barker a hearty congratulations and offer up as a tribute of some sort the released e-Book.

His winning story was “On Rails of Golden Fire” and he authored as Ichikhan.

You can download the e-Book here in mobi, pdf and epub formats.

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