Interview with Paul Plett – Filmmaker

This is an interview I did with Paul Plett, an independent filmmaker from Winnipeg, Canada. He’s currently trying to raise funds for a Kickstarter (here) in order to create a feature-length independent sci-fi film called RAMA. We learn about the many challenges and indeed successes involved in short filmmaking. I hope you enjoy it.

Video interview with Paul Plett – Filmmaker

What’s it all about?

Paul has created many short films during his career and most recently has started to knit together some of his shorts into a longer story arc. The first short in this series is SCAB which is essentially the story of a young girl infected with a deadly virus seeking to escape from a militia in a post-apocalyptic setting. The short film manages to pack quite a lot into the twenty or so minutes it runs and I heartily recommend you watch it for yourself, it’s really good.

The next in the series, PISCES is explained rather well during the interview however it is in post-production so you’ll need to monitor Paul’s social media for that. He’ll likely announce news of PISCES  on his RAMA The Film website too. If SCAB is anything to go by I can’t wait for PISCES.

What’s next for Paul Plett?

If enough funds are raised by the Kickstarter (go visit it and help where and if you can!) then we’ll witness a good quality sci-fi feature film being born. Who can possibly argue against that? As for what RAMA is about, here’s some blurb:

Rama is a feature-length film about a girl named Lex who is infected with a deadly virus, and assembles a ragtag group of strangers to help her cross a post-apocalyptic landscape in order to find the cure. This is a sci-fi movie, like a mix of Firefly, Mad Max & Blade Runner.

It’s a story about this group of strangers who kind of stumble into this perilous situation, and they’ve got to get along with each other if they’re going to survive. So all kinds of issues come bubbling to the surface throughout the course of the movie…and at the centre of it all is this girl who’s changing and mutating as the virus takes over her body.

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