What is the air date for The Expanse in the UK?

February 3, 2016

The saga continues with Syfy announcing show cancellation. May 19, 2018.

HOLD THE FRONT PAGE!!! Update 11th October 2016 – 10 months and 5 days later…

Announced by @TheExpanseWriters on Twitter and kindly relayed to us by @willintyne we can say with a high degree of certainty that The Expanse will be coming to us via NETFLIX with global releases beginning November 3 2016.

Thank you to the Expanse Writers for letting us know and supporting us and thank you to William Burd for monitoring and updating us all on the situation. A big thank you to everyone who took part in the campaign to get a release date for The Expanse in the UK.

Expand The ExpanseTo read more on why this needed a campaign, see the sorry tale below!

In January I made a polite enquiry to the UK’s SyFy channel on Twitter asking when we would see The Expanse within the UK. The response I got was “Check back for updates”. I asked how often I should be expected to check back for updates but got no reply.

Questions that came to mind were: Why can’t I join a mailing list and be notified? Why do I have to check back for updates? How often am I expected to remain interested in doing this? Do they really expect everyone to chase them for an update individually?

Despite the request to continually check back for updates being fairly unworkable, I have been doing as they asked by tweeting them every couple of days and now daily. Sadly, I have yet to receive a reply.

Without a response, I used the contact information on their site to ask the same question.

NBCU Global Networks ltd
1 Central St. Giles
St. Giles High Street
London, WC2H 8NU
44 (0) 203-618-8000

A very helpful person told me they had no information but if I was to email, I might get an answer.

Let’s get this right. The UK Head Office of NBC Universal, of which SyFy UK is a division, has no information but if I were to email a shared mailbox with no name associated with it or accountability, even a log reference number, then I might get a reply? Does this sound professional? I’m not criticising the person I spoke to, they were doing what they could, I’m criticising the customer communication channels and the management.

As social media and the good old telephone were proving hopeless, I followed the advice given and emailed [email protected] asking if there are plans for releasing The Expanse in the UK and if so when. I was very polite, this is my email that was dated 8th January.

We’re planning on talking about the hit US science fiction series being shown on SyFy US called “The Expanse”. We would like to inform our audience of a release date for this fantastic show in the UK so I scoured the Internet, both SyFy sites and asked the SyFyUK Twitter account but to no avail.

I have also called the NBC Universal London office (0 203-618-8000) but they had no information available to them and were unable to answer, however they very kindly gave me this email address in the hope you could help me.

So to summarise, are there plans for releasing The Expanse in the UK, if so, when? I’d really appreciate any information you could provide.

I received no manually crafted reply, just an auto-response warning me I might not get a response.

This is the main enquiry email for the NBC Universal in the UK. It answers nothing, promises nothing, prepares me to receive nothing and fobs me off to an FAQ page that doesn’t address my enquiry at all, essentially giving me nothing.

Thank you for your e-mail. Due to the high number of e-mails we receive we may not be able to respond, please check our website for frequently asked questions. http://www.universalpictures.co.uk For UK Cinema press requests please contact [email protected]
Kind regards
Universal UK

Every now and again, I tweet @syfyuk and @nbcuniversal in the increasingly futile hope of receiving a reply at all or with any substance and find myself becoming more and more disappointed with the level of engagement NBC Universal and SyFy UK are showing toward their customers. Should we accept this?

It’s astounding that there is no information on the release date for the UK given how long the show has been in production, it’s subsequent success in the US and the perceived relationship between @Syfy and @SyfyUK.

Are we to think that @SyFyUK is to be the poorer relation when it comes to content? Given a recent interview with Bill McGoldrick, Head of OrIginal Programming at SyFy  US there may be changes afoot there that the UK channel hasn’t caught up on with regard to funding and the new interest in original content. It may be that @SyFyUK might not actually get the show although I rather hope it does. If another channel is given the rights, how do we find out? Who should we go to?

If I was the only person complaining then you’d be forgiven for ignoring this however I am not. A quick review of @SyFyUK Twitter timeline will show you the same questions and the same responses. Delays in distribution sadly increase the chance of illegal distribution. Bit Torrent sites and You Tube already have region free episodes for download and a lot of people have tweeted they’ve seen it via those routes and wonder what this fuss is about. Why can’t we as legitimate customers get something as basic as release date information? Why the delay?

As above, we were advised today 9th February by one kind Tweep to get in touch with @Legendary who apparently own the distribution rights and ask them. So we did.

We’ll let you know if we get a reply. We also emailed their press office today (9th February) with a very similar email to the one we sent NBC Universal.

Since asking on the SyFyUK and NBC Universal 5th January, Legendary on 9th February and to date receiving no information or replies, which is kind of astounding, we arranged a ThunderClap campaign.

On the 17th February a message was sent from all those social media accounts taking part, simultaneously stating: “Along with #starfleetcomms, I want to see #TheExpanse released in the UK. I’d like to know when it will be aired.” It included a link to this page explaining the issue. It’s a plain, stark, polite message and we reached over 140,000 people!

Using #theexpanse hashtag has helped aim raise awareness of the issue by using all of our combined social media reach at once. As customers, we deserve decent responses to legitimate enquiries rather than silence. While there are a ton of other very important issues in the world right now, this is our first world problem. Even the writers agree!

Thank you to everyone who took part in our Thunderclap campaign to get a UK release date for The Expanse. 140,310 people were reached at 5pm UK time on 17th February 2016.

As @Legendary own the international distribution rights according to the article linked in the tweet below and if you are curious as to when The Expanse will be aired they seem to be the most logical people to contact despite the fact they have not responded to us in any way, shape or form to date.

Remember that The Expanse is based on James S A Corey’s awesome book The Leviathan Wakes and console yourself with a copy until someone decides to let us know the air date. See more following the links below.

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