Nowhere is safe from Thargoids

January 6, 2017

Some may be aware that I’m on my way to Sag A* in my rattling old Cobra MKIII, exactly as outfitted January 2015.  With a jump range of around 14Ly you can imagine it’s a pretty arduous journey but at least there’s plenty to do on the way. Such as THARGOIDS. No, I mean Black Holes.

Last night, 05th January 2016 (3303) I was visiting my very first black hole, Thor’s Eye. It was a great experience, I learned a lot through making mistakes and you can see that in the video below and follow me on Twitch TV to see more and keep me from going insane. (Please). My Twitch schedule is here 🙂 … Anyway, moving on to THARGOIDS!

While doing this and noticing noone was watching my stream I looked at others who stream and the ones with the biggest audiences had the word Thargoids in the title. That’s when I opened Twitter and Facebook, the entire Elite Dangerous social sphere exploded! Thargoids had made an appearance!

What do we know about them? We know they’re bad ass, mean mofo’s that’s what! Ranty, excitement aside you can find definitive information on Thargoids here. I think we’re just being given a tantalising glimpse of them so far, with appearances quoted as being “opted-in” by materials in the cargo hold of players they investigate such as Unknown Artifacts or certain meta-alloys.  However Commanders with NO CARGO HOLDS have been investigated too. (UPDATE: If you have ever interacted with a UA you’re likely to receive a visit). Sightings have been quoted as occurring in specific areas such as around Maia in the Aries Dark Regions and Pleiades Sectors but DO NOT BE FOOLED. Thargoids, if that is what they are, can travel anywhere and meet anyone. Terrifyingly, that means EXPLORERS too as CMDR Legendie discovered. They’re not only here, they’re going to be EVERYWHERE.

For the best Thargoid summary ever from the lore master general, Drew Wager, visit here. The video below was linked by him too. Chilling stuff.

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