Planning the Elite Dangerous galactic journey once more!

January 7, 2017

After starting a mission to Sag A a year ago and family life subsequently taking precedence, I finally arrived at one of the first legs of the journey today, Amundsen Terminal, 6th January.

Cobra MKIII at Amundsen. “I’d like a Class 4 Type A FSD please and a Chianti, oh, you don’t sell either? I have to go to Jaques you say?”

Bizarrely,this leg wasn’t in the original plan as Colonia and the outposts didn’t exist until recently. I’m so glad it’s there now though.

I wasn’t expecting the outpost to be on a planet and not having attempted a planetary landing before I was very nervous and made a few mistakes such as locating the outpost and approaching it. Once I finally got it figured out and I remembered the hotkey for landing gear I successfully touched down with a fantastic sense of relief and a very audible exhalation of breath! Who would have guessed that a landing operation would have made anyone nervous? Especially if you’ve played since beta! Time passes though and skills fade it seems.

As it was fairly safe it was a fantastic opportunity to upload/download…(offload)… my exploration data. In short, with all the first to discovers, a smattering of water worlds and a one or two earth-likes I made just under 13 million credits 🙂 . Paging through the data and watching the congratulations screens made it all worthwhile and I’m ready for a new challenge… I think I have a thirst for exploration now!

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Look at this map, this is taken from EDDiscovery using data submitted by players to EDSM. It shows the huge amount of traffic, between “The Bubble” (Sol and surrounding regions), Colonia and Sagittarius A. The amount of exploration that has taken place certainly surprised me but it has given me enough information to decide on a course of action. If there are any flaws in my plan please do let me know.

The Explored Galaxy in Elite Dangerous 3303

The Explored Galaxy in Elite Dangerous 3303 – source EDSM (the tiny red line is my recorded journey since 2.2 was released)

It’s interesting to look at this map for me personally, as there are a few people who had journeyed along the Orion-Cygnus Arm then turning “right” toward Colonia and Sag A*. That was the route I had planned on taking at the beginning of 2015 and was clearly a success for those intrepid explorers.  The direct route to Sag A* also deserves some comment. Pre-2.2 release there wasn’t the same capability to log journeys as there is now so this isn’t a true reflection of the cumulative missions but shows the Colonia route is clearly more popular in this snapshot since 2.2.

I think I owe it to myself to continue with the mission at hand, and that is to journey to the centre of the galaxy. Now on saying this, looking at maps it’s clear that the route to Colonia is well travelled and while that’s a great thing I want to maximise the amount of exploration data I can discover.

I could go the obviously well travelled route and perhaps run across a few brave souls. (Hi! My name is CMDR Max Torps.) Doing so would also increase danger, which I guess is the point of Elite: Dangerous and maybe increase the amount of pre-discovered worlds which is a bad thing.

So what I will do for now is head towards the Trifid Nebula, then the Cat’s Paw Nebula, turn “left” and head toward Michell’s Legacy and the Dragon’s Head Nebula. I’m almost following the same rough route now as the August Exodus of 3303 to Jaques Station but sufficiently different to have a chance of more firsts. It’s odd reading that thread as the return journey is through the Dumbbell Nebula which was on my starting leg!

For more details of live journey transmissions, please check the Twitch TV Schedule on this site.

Proposed route to Colonia

Proposed route to Colonia – the white is my history, the green is the proposed route.

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