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January 29, 2016
Review of: Al Clark
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Jonathan G Meyer

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On January 29, 2016
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This book is suitable for young adults onwards, it's gripping, interesting, pleasant and positive. There's spaceships, aliens, robots and dinosaurs and it's the first in a trilogy. What more could you want?

I’ve spoken to a couple of people about Al Clark and suffered eyebrows raising as I mention the content. Apparently, this book is beneath some but as with most things, if you don’t read it for yourself and think about what the author has created then you will be the one losing out.

The book opens with our main protagonist waking up by himself on a seemingly deserted colony ship. That is the opening gambit of this lovely book. Initially, you could be forgiven for thinking, “Oh, there’s a standard trope here” however the way in which the book is written, the careful use of perspective and the gentle ease at which you are drawn into the story makes for a very enjoyable read. The author has cleverly raised questions within the book about prejudice, sense of self, self-worth, adoption, relationships, how we see ourselves and how we are seen by others.

As the book progresses, and as you’d expect, more plot lines unfurl leading to the conclusion. If I were to have any comment I’d say that the book was a tad short. I wanted more but unless there was more content then I’m afraid more words would have just been padding. I shan’t spoil any of this book for you but I will say that the ending made a pleasant change but left me wanting. Luckily, there’s a sequel!

This book is suitable for young adults onwards, it’s gripping, interesting, pleasant and positive. There’s spaceships, aliens, robots and dinosaurs. What more could you want on a rainy afternoon by the fire?

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