Sag A in a Cobra MKIII – Should I continue?

December 23, 2016

Some advice, please!

I started a journey to Sag A at the back end of 2014. At that time the pinnacle of my achievement (and still is) was obtaining a Cobra MKII and heading off to Sag A when it was starting to become popular. I then needed to take a break for a while and have recently returned to complete the journey. I’m not even close to Colonia at the moment but remain doggedly determined to complete the journey until someone on my stream mentioned that there are fairly decent ways to make money, use Engineers to boost FTL and all sorts of stuff that make it easier to upgrade my ship… therefore reducing travel time.

In the Cobra my max jump range is about 7LY (or something) (I know) but I’m kind of enjoying what I’m doing now. What would you advise I do? Return to the bubble and earn more cash or continue on the way I am? Your thoughts are very much appreciated!

Here’s the conversation that took place on my Twitch stream that really made me open to reconsidering my choices!

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