Sag A in a Cobra MKIII – Onwards to Jaques

December 28, 2016

I just want to start this post with a warm thank you. I have been pleasantly surprised by the volume of response via the Frontier forums and Twitter that I’ve had from my recent post about journeying to Sagittarius A*. Many of you have let me know either how foolhardy or even foolish I’m being with some polar opposite opinions!

Of course, I’m not the first to undertake this journey and I’m not claiming to be. The first was CMDR Zulu Romeo (*-quot-supermassive-quot-spoilers) and the journey is well documented. Many others have followed. You can see my post in his thread which was when I started my own personal journey back in 2015. (*-visitors-list?p=1856747#post1856747) and my thread asking for help with ship choice in 2014 ( My original intent was to explore the Orion’s arm and from there make my way toward the centre. About a month in I took a break and demonstrated to everyone my lack of stamina making the attempt a complete failure. So this time I’m picking myself up from where I left off and based on feedback from many of you I’m heading to Colonia and deciding there what I will do next. This means my ship loadout is unaltered, my ship is still the same Cobra MKIII and it’s definitely a pre-Horizons fit.

My first earthlike discovery

Now that I’m back in the saddle I feel reinvigorated. The news that there are outposts along the way to Colonia fills me with a mixed sense of optimism and dread. Optimism because at least I can make repairs and maybe even upgrade my ship and hopefully offload some data too. Dread because the road is well-travelled. Not only am I late to the Sag A* party but I’m late to the Colonia party as well! I ask myself if that really matters though and the answer is no, it’s still my own personal journey to make. I have to exorcise my own demons and overcome my own barriers to succeed rather than just give up now and return to the bubble. Although returning might make the journey less painful and overall shorter it would make me feel as if I’d failed yet again. I’m not really keen on that.

During the journey I could be attacked or destroyed by another player or AI or I could misjudge a jump and essentially be snuffed out in seconds. My ship could become disabled leaving me stranded with no help (if the Fuel Rats can’t reach me). But if I don’t try, I don’t get to experience anything and as I write this I realise these are words that can translate into real life experience.

Please join me as I make my way onwards, possibly visiting some of the Colonia Outposts linked to me by CMDR AlduinFirst. I’ll be on Twitch as I was last time around but not usually in open play due to the risk of stream sniping. Watching my stream to gain location information is making it too easy for gankers, I’d much prefer a fairer fight. Advice is always appreciated and if you want to email me you are very welcome to do so – [email protected] is the one to use.

See you in the black.

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