StarfleetComms at Fantasticon – League of Captains.

October 29, 2015

We had a brilliant weekend at Fantasticon in Hull. Hosts Dan and Gabi Grubb of Fantastic Books Publishing organised the weekend of Science Fiction and Fantasy celebration with the help of some established community members.  Last year’s event was held over one day however it was so popular that this year they decided to occupy a whole event venue for a full weekend, the 24th and 25th October.

The crew calmly ride roughshod over the enemy at Fantasticon 2015

The crew calmly ride roughshod over the enemy

We were absolutely delighted to host the Starship Bridge this year with our own equipment and unique set up of DMX lighting, DMX smoke machine and additional sound effects. The main game we featured was Artemis: Spaceship Bridge Simulator but we also showcased the alpha of Starship Horizons, another starship bridge simulator. Praise for both games was immense and the developers should be very proud.

James and I would also like to thank everyone, and we mean everyone, who entered the bridge over the weekend. Your patronage is very much appreciated and we sincerely hope that you all enjoyed it as much as we did. We are available for events so if you hear of any being organised then please spread the word or drop us a line. If you didn’t have a go this time around then by all means give it a go next time, we look forward to seeing you!

Image of starship bridge at Fantasticon 2015

Captain Michael “Let them die” Brookes plotting galactic domination

Over the weekend we held a pretty informal League Table of deadly Captains and even deadlier crew among the 130 people that took part.  As the games progressed we thought that the winners were pretty much decided very early on in the weekend, on Saturday we thought it was the Frontier Developments group. Captain Michael Brookes was utterly ruthless allowing stations to fall in the swift pursuit of enemy blood and had a substantial lead. When they whooped and high-fived each other we were all taken in by the excitement… and so it carried on throughout the evening while they enjoyed a comfortable lead and maybe some beverages.

Then on Sunday the 25th October at 13:00, a group who were very quiet and thoughtful in comparison literally snatched the position from under their noses to become joint first! This was followed by Kate Russell’s kill hungry group at 16:00 literally snapping at FDEV’s heels. Clearly, people are becoming well practiced!

Well done everyone who played. Next time, we’ll have a trophy for you.

1st: Artemis Victorious, crewed by Loftus, Elliott, Smith and Whitehouse. 56 points. 25/10/15 13:00

1st: Frontier Developments, crewed by Brookes, Russell, Kerrash, Vigor, Ed and Zac. 56 points, 24/10/15 15:00

2nd: Kate Russell’s group, crewed by Jenner, Sham, Clark, Wright, Ricky and Russell. 52 points. 25/10/15 16:00

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  1. Well, I can only presume that my crew, under the professional eye of Commander Dan, lead the table… wait… oh yeah, 17 minutes, it’s all coming back to me now -_-

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