Stitcher is a fantastic platform where you can listen to not only us but thousands of other shows.

You can curate your own personalised talk radio station keeping yourself entertained as well as informed. Available on a multitude of platforms including the PC with apps for  iPhone, iPad, Android and Kindle Fire you can catch up wherever you may be. The apps even behave like a normal podcatcher with a download option so if your internet coverage while on the go is a bit temperamental you can still listen with ease.

One of the reasons we chose Stitcher was not only the ease of use to you and how well it integrates with us but we really like the social functions on there. We’re super keen to get your feedback, good and bad, because we just want to make a show you want to hear more of. So please, vote for us and if you do have something you think we really ought to sort out then please let us know.

Learn more about Stitcher here: A direct link to our show page on stitcher is here: