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In this episode we have an EXCLUSIVE interview with Brian Johnson, the Artemis Community Manager! Podcats Ep 4 promotion

A few weeks ago we asked you all to let us know what questions you’d like to ask Brian about Artemis and you didn’t disappoint. So in the episode you will have all of those questions answered and they are:

  • What is Artemis-con?
  • What is GenCon?
  • What’s happening with the Design-A-Bridge competition?
  • Do player suggestions make it into the game?
  • What plans do you have for uniforms?

In addition you’ll find out more about the plans and discussions for:

  • The Forge
  • The War Server!
  • Why you pay for upgrades
  • Plans for downloadable content
  • New Official Mission Packs
  • New Ship types including your own carrier!
  • New Races

…and so much more! You’ll just have to listen to get the scoop.

3 comments on “StarfleetComms Podcast Episode 4

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  1. Captain Jul 28, 2014

    Hey guys,

    Great interview as usual. I must say you guys really are managing to get some heavy hitters. I wonder if we will get Thom online. I did miss the community update and you guys didn’t do the movie talk. Well I suppose the interview pretty much took up the whole hour. Can’t wait to hear what you guys have next.



  2. Max Torps Jul 29, 2014

    Cheers @Captain!
    Thom is actually in one of next podcasts and we’re really looking forward to that I can tell you!
    As for the show content, you are absolutely right. We had to slim down to fit all the cool stuff Briian was telling us… and to be fair, we still hadn’t organised anything to review. In terms of community update, that will be back very, very soon. o/

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