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Welcome to the third iteration of the StarfleetComms Podcast as promised. Unshackled from talking about one game only or indeed being a purely gaming related podcast our scope has widened to include all things science fiction. However we remain somewhat true to our roots for this episode, staying within familiar territory by discussing our recent experience at Fantasticon (Science Fiction and Fantasy Con in Hull, which was awesome) and the newly confirmed date for Elite Meet which is a social gathering for players of Elite and their friends. We then move on to science fiction book reviews, namely The First Exoplanet by TJ Sedgewick and Neuromancer by William Gibson then discuss some TV news before rounding off with a return to the writing scene and a brief mention for the Festival of Drabbles ran by Michael Brookes.

You can buy The First Exoplanet by TJ Sedgewick and Neuromancer by William Gibson by following the links.


00:00 Introduction

01:11 Events:
Fantasticon, our experience there. Elite Meet, date confirmed by Mike Snoswell.

06:18 Book Reviews:
The First Exoplanet TJ Sedgewick, Neuromancer and The Peripheral by William Gibson

25:21 Video/film news:
We discuss the newly proposed Star Trek TV series and ask ourselves some questions about Dr Who. Is it as good as we’d hoped?

33:01 Writing Blotter:
We talk about the Festival of Drabbles 2015 held by Michael Brookes. Details at

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