StarfleetComms Podcast goes to the movies! We take on Ridley Scott’s Prometheus and a great short called Spectrum by Cody James Ong and Joshua Tendero

Some would say that reviews on Prometheus would be a little late in the day but not us! There are very polarised views regarding this film that John Richardson and Sean Woodward discuss in depth with some opinion provided by Darrin Olson, Zak Starlord, Iain Sheridan and Trevor Marsh. Thanks guys! For that discussion, see here:

You can buy Prometheus from Amazon by following this link.

Timeline of Episode Two

00:00 Introduction

01:15 Prometheus: Plot summary. Warning there are spoilers from this point on,

02:04 Prometheus: We perform a no holds barred review of the film using the synopsis and taking into account both criticisms and praise which takes us on a surprisingly theological journey, links with the Dogon, holograms you can touch, quarantine procedures gone wrong, crazy crew capers, pirate treasure hunts in Nova Scotia and a possible theory around the medical pod settings. An entertaining and in many cases beautiful film nonetheless. Check out Sean’s information around the influences of HP Lovecraft  on HR Giger.

39:46 Spectrum by Cody James Ong and Joshua Tendero. We review this short film about a boy trying to escape alien abduction and explore the psyche of today with that of yesterday. Are alien abductions a modern version of the faerie rings of the fey?

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