The Holiday episode of the StarfleetComms Science Fiction Podcast!

It’s certainly a busy time at StarfleetComms Towers! We welcome Ciarán Maher to the crew and well and truly sheep-dip him in a Star Trek discussion revolving around the new series announced a few weeks back. We reached out to you our glorious listeners and asked for feedback on what you thought this new series should look like. You certainly didn’t disappoint and we discuss all of your ideas, thank you so much to you all.


00:00 Introduction

John Richardson, Sean Woodward and Ciarán Maher say, “Hi”.

01:31 The new Star Trek series, What should it look like?

Your feedback and polls results give us plenty to talk about – check them out in full here: Thank you once again.

Some mentioned are:

“Loscia * Bernie a grass roots Movement
I’d like to see it take place on a real science ship. Get back to the deep space exploration, you don’t need to have a new race on every episode if you make the planet interesting enough.”

“Daniel Nation
I’ve seen a lot of talk about how Star Trek isn’t relevant anymore because people don’t care about discovery anymore, they only care about survival… So the notion of them going out to find new lifeforms and civilizations is no longer relevant… I think they have a point… but Star Trek has always been on the side of educating people that there are always more things to discover and with discovery and acceptance of other cultures and people we ensure a brighter tomorrow. Apparently in our current climate… Star Trek appears out of touch… but with the right writer… there has to be a way to bridge it all and bring Star Trek up to date and relevant.”

We discuss what time frame this should be in, what setting, whether there should be more alien looking aliens and the true nature of Trek and the relationship between the antagonists and our real world issues.

26:03 Star Trek: Beyond. We cut through the speculation and try to come up with a theory on what this film will look like only to create more speculation. But it’s ours so we like it and remain largely hopeful, especially with regard to the interview with Simon Pegg.

36:37 Star Wars: The Force Awakens – A very brief and spoiler free general discussion. Don’t worry.

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