We discuss The Shannara Chronicles, Hyperion, XCOM-2 and The 100!

Updating you on our recent Thunderclap campaign supporting The Expanse we question the commercial sense regarding late release dates in the UK of some shows. Moving on to happier times Lissie Comte, Ciarán Maher, Sean Woodward and John Richardson talk about the Shannara Chronicles as many of us have read the book and now we wonder what the TV adaptation is like.

Getting our gamer heads on Ciarán reviews X-COM2 and to give us a more literary sense Sean reviews Hyperion which takes a lot of inspiration in the story telling style from The Canterbury Tales.

We round up with an excited discussion on The 100 and generally conclude the TV adaptation is moving in the right direction… with one eye on the AI! A big thank you to all authors who have contacted us, we will be in touch soon! We’d also like to extend our gratitude to everyone who helped us with our campaign. Thank you!

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00:00 Introduction

00:00:45 The Expanse:
We update you on the Thunderclap campaign we ran recently to prompt the powers that be to give us an air date for this show in the UK. Thank you to everyone who took part! Over 140,000 people reached!

06:33 The Shannara Chronicles:
We talk about the SyFy show based on the book series by Terry Brooks. Amazed, we discover that this show, as well as the books, have a fine line between the genres of science fiction and fantasy. What do you think it is?

10:50 X-COM 2:
Ciaran briefs us on X-COM 2 and shares with us his opinion on the game.
Have you played it yet? What do you think?

17:05 Hyperion by Dan Simmons:
Sean reviews Hyperion and looks at this Hugo Award winning novel from the aspect of a second read and reads an extract to give us a feel for the prose.

26:05 The 100:
Lissie discusses the hit show “The 100” giving us a synopsis and we discuss favourite (and not so favourite) plot lines, characters and scenes. The 100 is based on the young adult books by Kass Morgan, we explore the differences between the books and the TV show.

44:30 Next episode – we hope to have one of our first author interviews and this will be with Dan Haight, author of Flotilla.

45:45 Cheerybye.

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