Welcome to episode 8b! *

We revisit The 100, briefly touching on seasons 1 and 2, and discuss the impact we felt during season 3 and critique some decisions the show runners may have made. In summary we all believe that this show, while it has some flaws, is extremely well executed and entertaining. Moving on, we talk about Deadpool and well, clearly the humour wins the day and possibly the sex scenes. Sex and humour, a winning formula. Funny sex? That’s something else.

Then we watch a trailer for The Secret World, an MMO by Funcom that takes you into the darker reaches of this world. Set in the present time you discover you have some mysterious powers that are beneficial to the Illuminati, the Templars and the Dragons. You must choose which secret society to join and then battle evil. With a lot of freedom in terms of training and skill paths, the game can absorb your time and soon you’ll be mixing fantasy with reality!

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*What the… why 8b? The schedule slipped for episode 8 then we decided to give video a try so had to come up with something a little more visual. It’s the first attempt and we thought Google Hangouts might work, after all it’s quite popular. Unfortunately it was quite laggy for the real show despite being okay during tests, so please accept our apologies for the quality in places.


00:00 Introduction

01:25 The 100: Season 1 & 2 review (Wow, what a lot happened!) We discuss season 3. Were some of the deaths worth it? Was one character killed off simply because she was a lesbian?

19:36 Deadpool: Ryan Reynolds and Morena Baccarin wow us but was the story all that was promised? Or was it just another Marvel film with a bit of sex in it?

29:45 The Secret World: We comment on the trailer and the take you on a quick demo into the eerie world of the unknown.

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