Interview with Daz Scales, creator of the Darkwave universe!

Darkwave: The Edge of the Storm is an independent film directed and produced by Daz Scales. You may have heard of him because of earlier work such as Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Backyard, Star Wars: The Emperor’s New Clones, Geriatric Park, Batman Returns Forever, Doom Raiders (Indiana Jones parody), Beach Patrol (BaywatchParody) and more recently, The Drift, reviewed here. An exciting sci-fi horror feature film made with a budget of only £5000!

Darkwave: The Edge of the Storm takes place in the same universe as The Drift where Faster Than Light travel that used to be enabled by Starlight Crystals has been lost. Ships are adrift and lost, families separated and colonies isolated. In a humorous interview, Daz shares with us some of the challenges he and his crew faced producing the film.

As Daz is such a good sport he takes part in the unboxing of two main subscription boxes aimed at a geeky audience. We compare LootCrate and MyGeekBox from July 2016. That’s at around the 20-minute mark. We think Lootcrate won, what do you think? *spoilers, oops*


Some shenanigans going on during the recording!

Some shenanigans going on during the recording!

00:00 We get right down to it and start discussing Darkwave: The Edge of the Storm! You’ll see some great behind the scenes peeks and understand some of the successes and challenges during the production.

18:30 Subscription crates:
Poor Daz gets roped into watching me open up some boxes and get lots of pressies. Sorry Daz! 😉




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