Interview with Dennis E. Taylor – Author

This is an interview I did with Dennis E Taylor, author of Outland, The Bobiverse Series and Singularity Trap. A first for me in this was to perform it as a live stream and advertised here. This was held on Sunday 6th May at 8:30 BST with about a week’s worth of pre-publicity to get some questions to ask Dennis. Technological compatibility with my brain stem meant there were a couple of niggles but I think we made a decent interview out of it.

Video interview with Dennis E. Taylor – Author

What’s it all about?

I interview Dennis E Taylor who has had great success with the Bobiverse series of books. During the interview, Dennis reveals a decision he needs to make before we get to hear any more news on book four. Suffice to say it might be worthwhile letting him know how much you want it!

Some of the questions I asked came from the glorious folks over at the Bobiverse Reddit and were:

impshial:  Hi, Dennis. Thanks for doing this AMA! As a big fan of your work, and also a big fan of /u/TheRayPorter, I was wondering what you thought of his verbal interpretation of your books?

PinochetIsMyHero: Hi Dennis, so, obviously Star Trek is a big influence on you, but what other SF authors and genres are your favorites? Are you more of a classics guy (Heinlein, Asimov, Stasheff) or a modernist (Gibson, Williams, Stephenson)? Space opera or cyberpunk or juvies?

PinochetIsMyHero: Have you been reading any of your contemporaries’ books — Craig Alanson’s ExForce series, Barry Hutchison’s Space Team, Steven Erikson’s Willful Child, Robert Kroese’s Dream of the Iron Dragon?

PinochetIsMyHero: Assuming it became possible, would you want to be the brain in a Bob probe?

PinochetIsMyHero: And, of course, the question everyone wants the answer to, when’s the next Bob book coming out??!?!

roonling: What’re you working on next, and when/where can I preorder it?

roonling: Will Outland every get reprinted / done in Kindle format? I’ve been recommended it, but can’t find a copy in stock in the UK anywhere.

Me: Also revealed, which enemy actually likes their reputation and why an evil sounding name didn’t have as much effort put into it as I thought!

RoryRhino (on stream): Why does Bob hate acronyms so much?

We also learn what role today’s religious right really played…

What’s next for Dennis E. Taylor?

He’s still hard at work! The re-write of Outland then the decision over what’s next will keep him busy! Let him know how much you appreciate his efforts.

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