Interview with John Harper – Author

In this episode I interview the affable John Harper about his experiences whilst writing the official canon book, And Here The Wheel. We learn some writing hints and tips along the way as well as understand a little more about who John actually is as a person. We also get to hear about his upcoming new book The Berserker and some of the feedback he’s received from beta readers!

Video interview with John Harper – Author

What’s it all about?

Robert Garry, ex-military officer, wants nothing more than to maintain his integrity and his team’s safety despite a career change to pirate leader but a cargo freighter he targets proves to be holding much more than he bargained for. Will he escape with his own life, let alone the lives of his crew?

A constantly erupting roller-coaster of pursuit and high-stakes. The two main characters (Garry and Gunn) are brilliantly imagined and the changes wrought on them are subtly and cleverly penned

Available here:

Show notes:

John mentions several learning resources for aspiring authors during the interview so I though it would be a good idea to lost them. Check them out!

In addition, there were some questions from Redditors. I’ve listed them here together with the answers.

From manzai_monster
Are there any references to “And Here the Wheel” within the game?

There are several tourist beacons in the game, a couple in orbit around Villist. And many of the worlds are in the game, but for some reason some of them aren’t. Not sure what happened at FDs end about that.

From JimmychoosShoes
how much Krait could a wood Krait crate, if a wood Krait could crate wood?

A wood Krait would crate as much wood as a wood Krait could crate, if a wood Krait could crate wood.

From HunterWithGreenScale
“Is ‘And Here the Wheel’ still considered Canon with ED?”

Yes. Its an official novel and until I’m told otherwise it is still canon.

From Puke_Witchwalker
Where is Raxxla?

Wish I knew mate! I know where Soontill is though.

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