Starship Build: The Helm and Weapons area

May 11, 2017

The Helm and Weapons stations

With the armoured power cable and twin gigabit cables routed, the bridge seems to have all the utilities needed so far.

Construction continues on the interior. What I’m trying to avoid is the bridge looking like a wooden shed with wooden desks. Given that’s what it actually is it’s going to be a challenge and frankly, you have to start somewhere.

The material used is MDF, brilliant stuff. Shape it into whatever you want but do not breathe the dust in, use a mask! We’re going for some rounded corners and angled armrests here as well as a sloped leg space. Panels will be fitted over the leg areas and will have access panels to allow fiddling about with cables and so on. There is room there for full-sizePC’s along the front and stacks in the dead space at the side.

You might have noticed in the right-hand corner there’s a cut shape, that’s to shine a PAR can through and there will be a vertical lighting panel installed there.

Talking of lighting, in the ceiling, the cutout lozenge shapes will be covered with opal polycarbonate sheeting through which the lighting effect will be visible. The squarer shapes will be over the captain’s chair and the aforementioned helm and navigation stations.

So far, it’s looking pretty good I have to say.

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