Starship Build: Nearly complete

August 6, 2017

Is the spaceship bridge finished?

The simple answer is yes. However as any sim pit or build aficionado will attest, nothing is ever truly complete. As far as the construction and electronics, basic functionality is set up and working bar one or two missing extraneous consoles. We… and by we I mean the kids and I, have play tested the rig and had a fantastic couple of days. We’ve hammered missions on Artemis Space Ship Bridge Simulator and I’ve given my Elite: Dangerous Cobra MKIII a whirl using Toumal’s excellent Elite DMX program… lights and smoke galore!

What next?

The show is next. So while I will be streaming gaming sessions from the new venue the main thrust (get it?) will be around the sci-fi review show. I’ve loads of sci-fi film reviews to record and hope you really enjoy them. If you want to know what the bridge set looks like check out the video!

More to do!

The next steps are some soft furnishing to eradicate echo – I aim to resolve this by sticking carpet tiles on the walls a la Star Trek: The Next Generation, this usually works. I need a couple of PC’s repaired to create additional stations and some more videos created to use as screen savers… and of course, more lighting effects! There’s lot’s more to do and plenty of scope for some how to videos if anyone is interested. 🙂

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