Starship Build: The Science, Engineering and Comms area

July 3, 2017

The science, engineering and comms stations

As you may or may not know I’m building a starship bridge set with the help of my husband and our builder mate. In this update, I’m looking at the side consoles, the science, engineering and comms stations. I’m wanting to achieve a good look for this console area but I am also very mindful of the ergonomics and painfully aware of costs.

People will be using these stations for an extended period of time so they need to be comfortable and viewing angles are part of that. To that end, I ditched a previous concept of having the monitors encased in something that looks like a CRT case, instead I’m going for the monitor on the wall look instead, a la NX-01 (pictured above). The reason being is that there is a need to swivel and tilt for different heights and angles we pesky humans slouch at; I couldn’t do that convincingly within a CRT type case without having to move the entire case which kind of defeated the object of having fixed consoles. I had considered creating a skirt so the monitor could adjust within a casing but that wouldn’t look great either so I decided to adopt the Keep It Simple Stupid approach and mount the monitors on swivel tilts and have adjustable chairs.

There’s still an angled console piece for visual interest and later additions. You may also have noticed the stools making a discrete appearance. These are billed as standing support for “active seating” and are really comfortable. The height is easily adjustable and in testing, we found you were almost fluidly raising yourself to stand, sitting and leaning. It was a very natural experience and the cost was very attractive at £35 each. They are shown in the pictures in the lower position. For shopping, check IKEA:

In other news, I’ve also created some pretty VDU graphics for each station that will be used on the set while filming to create that authentic functioning bridge look and feel.  I used a combination of Blender and free for commercial use footage for those and again, you can see a sample screenshot of one in the page gallery above. Any questions, please ask!

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