Starship Build: Preparation

November 27, 2016

 The Starship Build continues…

In the last update, I briefly wrote about why I was doing this and mentioned some preparation. In this update, I have a little more information to share. While it’s not massively exciting it is actual progress!

We’ve now extended the foundation to the entire area we’ll use for the bridge.

The foundation is ready

The foundation is ready

The concrete was laid by a builder friend of ours and only took a couple of days to set really well. Once that was done and once the finances were confirmed I went ahead and bought the shed from Dunster House. Well, technically it’s a shed but it’s actually a garden office don’t you know.

Self assembly plus one

Self-assembly plus one

I don’t have a lot of money to spend on this project, so while I was absolutely tempted to spend thousands of pounds on the garden office, grim reality set in and ensured I could only spend a couple of thousand. Still, that is a lot of money and if you wanted to build a bridge and had room in your house or a spare outbuilding then I’d pursue that. Unfortunately, we had no additional space so had to follow this path.

Late November came and the shed arrived. I was expecting pre-assembled panels and was surprised to find it was piles of pre-cut wood and seems to resemble a Lego or Stickle brick set. Undaunted, the job of treating the wood started and we’re at the stage where we could possibly start assembly very soon.

Treat dat wood good

Treat dat wood good

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