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More information on podcasts in general:

What is a podcast?Podcast artwork

A podcast is usually a show that is made available over the internet. We used to offer a purely audio based show, therefore, an audio podcast. Now we offer a video show so have two identical (save for pictures) content streams, the audio podcast and the YouTube channel. Many types of podcasts are available covering a huge range of subjects and genres however the key advantage you have is that you are able to choose when to listen to a podcast and what podcasts you listen to. It’s not like radio which is a constant stream of content you sometimes don’t care for. It’s content you’re interested in delivered directly to you so that you can listen to it when you want.

How do I listen to one?

Some have a player on the site although that is streaming media and not a podcast in the true sense. Streaming is also unreliable so many sites such as this one offer download links for you to use and feeds for automated use through a podcatcher. You may need a podcatcher to pick up feeds for your podcasts and many are available.

A hybrid solution is Stitcher. Stitcher is ostensibly a streaming service however the apps allow you to download full episodes and therefore it can behave just like a standard podcatcher. You can find more information about Stitcher here:  You can find StarfleetComms Podcast here:

A curated solution is Player FM. This also has it’s own app and it’s own catalogue of podcasts where we also feature. They also curate a list of Sci-Fi related podcasts, check them out!

How do you choose what podcast to listen to?

Probably the best place to go for choice at first is the Apple iTunes store. Many podcatchers have their catalogue of podcasts provided by the iTunes API. They have a dedicated podcast section and you’ll find thousands there available for you to subscribe to, download and listen. Our podcast is in iTunes too. It’s here: But before we get too carried away with ourselves let’s go back to what a podcast is and then revisit what you need to listen to one.

What is a podcast again?

It’s an audio file, usually an MP3 file although not always. But the special thing about it is the way you get that file. As soon as a new podcast episode is out and according to the schedule you’ve set in your podcatcher you’ll have a fresh episode automatically downloaded. So you need a podcatcher! There are lot’s of them too for a variety of machines. Here’s a non-exhaustive list of podcatchers to start you off: Many more are available covering a wide variety of platforms such as Windows, Apple, Linux and Android. Using the subscribe buttons on this page points you to several.

What’s the advantage in all of this?

When you use a podcatcher (especially if it’s on a portable device) listening to podcasts becomes very convenient. My phone has a podcatcher (Player FM) and I listen to podcasts when driving to and from work each day. I used to just plug it into the auxiliary socket of the radio player but now have a car audio system that links to my phone automatically using Bluetooth. You can do the same! Many people use them as they commute, using phones or i-Pods, tablets and a myriad of other devices. It’s up to you really but the defining advantage is that you listen to podcasts when you want. You are in control of what you listen to and when you listen to it.

So where do you find podcasts again?

Like I mentioned, iTunes is a good place to start but it’s not the only place. Some podcatchers will have ready made podcast catalogues for you to choose from but these can be limited if they don’t utilise the iTunes API.

Some podcatchers have really good search functions and will find a podcast if you search for it by name, i.e. Starfleetcomms, however be warned, as I mentioned some aren’t so good at this and you run the risk of missing out on great podcasts!

Most podcasts though will have their own website and on that website they’ll detail the podcast feed address. By adding that feed you’ll be able to add all podcasts that way on all podcatchers.

Our podcast feed address is If you click on it a meaningless load of text appears. That’s because it’s an RSS feed written in XML that your podcatcher fully understands and uses to download your fresh episodes. So you only need to give your podcatcher the feed address itself.