The Expanse saved by Amazon!

May 26, 2018

In a crazy, and surreal week (and as reported by Dan Casey senior editor for The Nerdist) while at the International Space Development Conference, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos made the announcement that Season 4 of The Expanse would be saved by Amazon. As you can see from the tweet provided by Kyle Hill, science editor for the Nerdist, the crowd erupted with what can only be described as genuine joy at the news.

Tweeting almost immediately afterwards, the fabulous Wes Chatham who plays Amos Burton on The Expanse expressed his gratitude to the many fans who took part in campaigns and had the amazing opportunity for a photo with Jeff! Jeff Bezos has always been said to have been a fan of The Expanse having read the books and was reportedly disappointed that Amazon wasn’t fully successful in the initial rounds of bidding.

And writing on Twitter, The Expanse Writers expressed what a crazy week it had been and the sense of relief that the matter seems to have been settled, at least for the immediate future.

It remains to be seen what the actual deal looks like in terms of synchronised global release dates and longevity, but it’s very clear there were only ever two real contenders for this show. Netflix declined and Amazon punched higher winning what Jeff wanted from the start. Following on from all of the tracking and campaigning we have done on this, let’s hope we in the UK get release parity with the USA.

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